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Below are a few of the dealers located in the Fabulous Woolloongabba Antique Centre, If you would like to enquire about becoming a dealer in our centre and want some more information please click on the following Links:-

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Shop 72 - Backwoods Original

Son of a stonemason, grandson of a carpenter, and great grandson of a blacksmith, you could say that working with his hands runs through the blood of designer AC Barton.

Based in the Kobble Creek hill country, north of Brisbane, Backwoods Original  re designs vintage Australian furniture and industrial artefacts into contemporary pieces for the home maker. You will also find one limited run authentic Backwoods Original  designs within the store inspired by our pioneering and industrial past past. Build it like it's the only one you'll ever own.

Each Backwoods Original piece is hand crafted out of reclaimed and recycled materials for their Low environmental impact, and character. Think of Backwoods Original pieces as personalities. Left to collect dust in the back of somebody's shed, or exposed to the elements in a field somewhere, Backwoods Original gives these personalities a chance at new life. They want to be useful. They want to tell the stories embedded in their surface. 

For further information and examples of work, head on over to or follow on Instagram @backwoodsoriginal


Big Vintage specialise in industrial, boho and up-cyled home-wares. We reinvent, reinvigorate and represent industrial and re-cyled wares for the inside and outside of your home. 

We manufacture and stock truly unique and bespoke items that fit perfectly in both traditional timber and contemporary homes. 

We also supply furniture and wares for cafe, bar, restaurant and commercial fit outs. Wholesale available. 

Shop 62 - PAINT ME WHITE  

I have been selling my hand painted furniture for years now but only just recently decided it was time to do my own shop space at the WAC.

I see the beauty in what pieces can be rather than what they are.

I love anything old and interesting and specialise in white furniture.


White is the perfect blank canvas which offers limitless possibilities for collectors who love to display treasures and trinkets. I love to make white work in the home. The key is to make sure that you introduce focal points and definition to avoid creating a "white box"



 Sha Von Di -Shop 79

Sha Von Di is a shop of rare, beautiful and finely made items hand crafted in glass, crystal, porcelain and jewellery.  Collectable gifts of value, each item has a story to tell of history or love encapsulated in it.

The name Sha Von Di was the name of Michele's grandmother's home on the Tweed.  A home filled with beautiful family and historical items.  Michele learnt at an early age to love the history of an item, not just its value.

To hold a piece of glass, crystal, porcelain or jewellery that has survived the ravages of time and the vagaries of fashion, is to learn of the life that the items have endured.  To give or be given a once treasured item of grace and design is saying I value you, your friendship and I respect who you are.

Michele has been collecting for herself since her early teen years which seems like only yesterday.  Michele has had 35 years working in jewellery industry.

Michele trusts you will delight in her precious items.  Should she be there when you call by, she will take the time to explain the history of the article and how to care for these quality gifts.


Mixlinks - Shop 10 

Dare to be different, unique and one of a kind. Mixlinks handmade quality costume jewellery,  something new with an old twist.

Shop 40 Somerville Militaria

Australia largest Militaria Dealer specialising in all aspects of military history. WW1/2, ANZAC, 19th Century artifacts badges, medals and uniforms, swords and military knifes, models. Japanese swords a speciality. 

Est 1975 Queensland Museum Honorary Curator of Weapons and Registered Valuer.

Past President of the Australian chapter of the Japanese Sword Preservation Society of Tokyo.


We specialise in Antique/Vintage Inspired Jewellery.

Our collection is crafted from 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating & features Cubic Zirconia & Semi-precious stones such as Black Onyx, Mother of Pearl, Pearl & Topaz.

We passionately select all our jewellery for the collection.

We hope you enjoy our jewellery as much as we do...


I have my own "private museum" collecting antique Tiffany & co and Cartier... Including some rare items such as an 18kt gold evening bag and an 18 piece sterling silver vanity travel set. 

I adore beautiful lace and fabrics and collect them just in case I may want to use them one day. I need at least another lifetime to complete all the things I still want to do.

"DANSK VINTAGE simply means 'Danish vintage' in Danish"

dansk vintage regularly imports vintage, antique and second hand furniture and effects as well as bric-a-brac, collectables and quirky items directly from our suppliers in Denmark. We also travel overseas to make customised selections. You can contact us for any special wishes.

All Danish furniture and effects imported by dansk vintage are second hand ranging from antiques to vintage 50s and 60s to more modern items. We are fond of the idea of recycling furniture and effects with patina, and are proud to do our bit for sustainable living.

Our passion is for bohemian style; as a blend of antique, vintage and design furniture and effects. This has inspired us to create a business in Australia, linking our past in Denmark with our present in Australia where we have been based since January 2008.

James was born in Australia, his knowledge and experience in the antique business has been accumulated through diverse pathways over three decades. He has been interested in and collecting antiques since as a young boy his dad introduced him to antiquing on the way to and from weekend rugby games. As a teenager he worked for an antique auction house and several antique shops honing his skills as a restorer. In 1994, at 22 he went overseas and began a job with an antique export company in Copenhagen, Denmark. This business established a steady and still ongoing export of Danish used furniture and effects around Australia. James held this job for eight years, and over the years did furniture restoration jobs on high end antiques for two exclusive auction houses in Copenhagen. In 2002 James started his own Copenhagen based company Antique Atelier restoring and exporting antiques and vintage furniture. Antique Atelier ran for a number of years and was dissolved when James moved back to Australia.

Christina is a Danish born citizen who holds a master's degree from Copenhagen Business School. She has worked eight years in intellectual property, six years in Copenhagen, then two years in Brisbane which has given her a profound understanding of handling business administration.

Together we form the partnership of dansk vintage established April 2010.


Yee Ha! Inspired by the western styles of famed ranch wear brand Rockmount Western Wac has mustered a vast range of rockabilly, mexican, tikki, and wild west fashion and accessories.  Mosey on down to the store and fill your saddle bags folks.

Stockist of Freddie's of Pinewood. England. 50's Jeans & Dungaree's.



New Life Recycled Timber Furniture combines the love of quality workmanship with a passion for an environmentally conscious product, which is striving for a cleaner, healthier future for us all.

Our furniture is handcrafted from recycled or reclaimed timber, using locally sourced timber within the Brisbane area.  Traditional methods of joinery and environmentally friendly products and finishes produce a solid and lasting piece, which will be a proud and attractive addition to any home.

Each piece of furniture has a trace of history behind it, each characteristic making each piece unique, and more vibrant.

Another tree saved


My passion is fine English porcelain & glass and I love old Germain china too.

To me it is the trends & colours and a fasination with their history that keeps me forever searching and enthralled.


KITCHUP shop 55  

As Pablo Picasso once said "Ah, good taste--What a dreadful thing! Taste is the enemy of creativeness" sums it all up for owners Becci and Dennis. Kitschup sell's framed prints, clocks, home decor and small furnishings from mid century to 1970's.

Shop 26 Ted Wood Creations 

I have lived on the Bayside since arriving in Australia with his family in 2010.  I first started make creations from Driftwood since around 2005, this is when I lived in North Devon.  With a much vaster supply of driftwood, with heaps of timber planks / parts of pallets been washed up on the beaches.

My focus changed slightly in late 2014 when I was asked if Id like to buy 4 silky oak windows.  From that day the bug started. Always looking out for items to be either saved from the land fill or repurposing and been loved again.

All of my work is handmade, created in Australia and helping preventing waste. You know when you purchase one of his creations you are getting a one of piece as no two items are the same

You can my latest creations on my Facebook page Ted Wood Creations. Im  more than happy to take on commission work.

Shop 22 Atomic Martini

Atomic Martini is a name that is all about what I love! I wanted something that would personify the mid-century modern period that I love and well who doesnt like a good martini!

My first love is mid 20th century so 1930s through to 1960s is what I know best. Over the years I have learned more about the later fashion and appreciate that a lot.Vintage has been my love for decades and I have babbled in buying and selling vintage but I was lucky enough to make this my real job about 4 years ago and I have never looked back!

I am a trained archivist and museum curator and I was frustrated at the number of people that dont take the time to know the history of the items that they sell. I love the stories that come with each piece where it was worn, what happened that night that made it special passing on the story is as important as passing on the item thats what makes them live!

The personal history that they have had. The part that they played in someones life. Knowing that makes people more aware of the part that item plays in their own life. Making people aware of the moments in their life is a fabulous thing.

I am privileged enough to be invited to collect pieces of peoples history and pass those on to others so they can give them a new life and make them part of their own history.

Shop 16 Retro Americana

RETRO AMERICANA offers a collection of retro and mid-century furniture and ornaments as well as industrial goods and products ALL directly imported from the USA. Rare items include genuine Herman Miller Eames chairs as well as Lane and Heywood Wakefield vintage tables and tables that have been loved by the retro enthusiasts from all phases of the world. We also showcase wide range of lamps and electrical goods that have cherished by the Americans over the century. We have one of the largest selections of Herman Miller vintage chairs in Australia

Shop 11 Rob Roy Antiques and Collectables

Rob is of the McGregor clan and Rob Roy was one of his famous forebears.  Both of us were born with that special collectors gene and as a result, we have been collectors all of our lives. In fact, Rob still has the full sets of Weetbix cards in albums, which he collected as a child.


Our birth as dealers began as we discovered old bottles in the 1980s. We dug many old dumps and unearthed thousands of bottles. We started going to markets with our bottles and graduated into antiques generally over the years. We learnt the trade through a general progression of markets, fairs and finally retailing, meeting many fascinating people along the way who contributed to our learning.


Our intent is to bring an eclectic mix of genuine antiques and modern day collectables to the full age range of people with a passion in collecting. Towards this end we offer literature from Little Golden Books through to Star Wars and adult fiction. We offer fine china eg Royal Albert,, but mix it with mid century collectable dinnerware such as Poole Pottery. You will always find teapots in our shop. We have kitchenalia, barware, crystal  and anything of a quirky or unusual nature. We love coloured glass, esp Victorian coloured glass, green depression glass and the wonderful shapes and forms of Art Glass with a focus on Murano. We dont forget the blokes and we try and offer interesting tools, gizmos and gadgets of an antique and collectable nature.


We are regular travellers to England where we attend the major fairs such as Ardingly, Newark and Lincoln. We actively seek items which we think will be popular back home and we are willing to keep an eye out for those special items which the customer might ask for.

Shop 14 - Marcasite and More 

In the Marcasite and More cabinet, you will find a vast range of sterling silver jewellery combined with hand set marcasite pieces in gorgeous settings with such stones as onyx, mother of pearl, turquoise, amythyst, blue topaz, garnet, and cubic zirconia. I pride myself on quality pieces and interesting styles, keeping up with modern trends, while taking a lot of ideas from decades gone by. Many rings, bracelets, earrings, and brooches to choose from. I am a Brisbane based business and happy to support local businesses when possible with my business. Keep checking back as stock changes often!

Shop 27 - Vintage Finds; brocante from the ateliers and markets of Paris.

All sorts of finds from the Parisian weekend markets!  Seen the replica French item?  Here's the original.  We specialise in French industrial pieces and recently we were able to source an original dentist's table from the 1930s, vintage leather boot trunks, prints dating back to the 1700s, railway clocks from a train station refurb, and wooden and steel army tool bench with lockable drawers!

Vintage Finds also stocks Armadillo & Co rugs available in various sizes and colours.  These rugs are sustainably and ethically produced.  When purchasing any rug or carpet made in India, look for the ‘KALEEN’ label, issued by the Carpet Export Promotion Council of India, it guarantees that child labour was not used in manufacture. Naturally, all of our rugs made in India carry this label.  Benefits from the sale of the rugs are directly returned to local schools in the weavers' villages.  So you know that the beautiful rug that is making your house feel like a home comes with some good karma attached to it.

Have an idea of what you would like but can't find?  We regularly go to Paris to source items for customers and would be able to source that special something you are looking for.  All sized items and budgets catered for.  As small as linens to as large as architectural fireplaces!