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Tune in to see the Woolloongabba Antique Centre Featured on Totally Wild Monday 27th June 8.00am Chanel Eleven.


"Woolloongabba Antique Centre is delighted to be a supplier this year toHouse Rules on Channel 7. look out for our antiques and vintage home wares. Good luck to all the contestants"


This week: 28 July 2013

Grease Return to the 50’s

The Great South East

‘Grease’ the musical phenomenon is returning to the Brisbane Lyric Theatre on August 20th for a limited season. The cast includes Rob Mills, Todd McKenny, Anthony Callea and Bert Newton. Tickets are on sale and can be purchased on the phone or via the QPAC website. 

The Great South East

For those wanting to get into the spirit of the 1950s before Grease premieres, the Woolloongabba Antique Centre offers a huge range of vintage homewares, jewellery and clothing that covers not just the 50s, but every decade from the 20s to the 90s. It's open seven days a week and theres also a cafe on site. 

The Great South East

Chrissy Keepence is the woman behind the Lindy Charm School for Girls and she offers workshops and events that aim to empower girls of all ages and enhance their inner and outer beauty with the very best of vintage styling and etiquette. Chrissy offers pop up salons at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre where she gives 1950s makeovers. 

The Great South East

For those with a case of 1950s nostalgia, a visit to Harry's Diner in Windsor could just be what the doctor ordered. They serve up retro Americana six days a week and have a tasty menu that includes milkshakes and burgers.

The Great South East

The Lindy Charm School for Girls
0409 727 888

Woolloongabba Antique Centre
(07) 3392 1114

Grease – The Musical
136 246

Harry’s Diner
(07) 3357 7177 October 2012

Adore Homes Magazine, June 2012 

January,  2012

Our own Sarah Jane has a chat with Smarter Business Ideas Magazine about what a typical day in the life of an antique queen looks like!

24 hours with...Sarah Jane Walsh, Queensland's Queen Of Retro

24 hours with...Sarah Jane Walsh, Queensland's Queen Of Retro

What time do you get to work? How many coffees have you had by 3pm? Welcome to '24 hours', where you'll learn how successful you can be if you listen to classic rock in the workplace and whether the boss cooks their own dinner.

24 hours with…SARAH JANE WALSH

Director, Woolloongabba Antique Centre 

She may run a bustling antiques centre, but Sarah Jane Walsh is definitely one to keep up with the times when it comes to running her business. With a café, cinema and gigantic antique showroom to look after, Walsh is on top of her game and ready to field whichever challenge comes her way. In just two years her Woolloongabba Antique Centre has grown to a seven day operation which includes in-house jazz bands entertaining shoppers on the weekends and vintage imports from the likes of Valentino, YSL and Chanel hiding in amongst the racks for lucky spotters. We sat down with Sarah Jane to find out how Queensland’s Queen of Retro runs her day. 

What time do you wake up in the morning?
Alarm goes off at 6.30am; I get up at 6am. Go Figure!  I like to be ahead of the game

Newspaper, radio or iPad before work? 
Radio, Always the radio. I gave the TV to a friend over two years ago and never replaced it. Radio is so much better for the imagination.

How do you usually spend your first hour at work?
After working as an Assistant Director in Film and TV for 10 years prior to opening the Antique Centre and Cafe I’ve learnt to be prepared for the day, I write out a list of jobs for staff to keep them moving and motivated. Idle staff means an idle business!

Does your business vary from day to day or do you often repeat the same processes. Why/why not?
Both actually, there are the nine to five tasks that are always there. However I have around seventy antique dealers and twenty staff to manage for both the cafe and front counter, and then there’s the customers, so something always comes along to make the day interesting.

Lunch; at your desk or out of the office? 
I always sit in our cafe and eat the food my staff have prepared. They often want me to taste new recipes and give them feedback. Not just on taste but also on display and costings. It’s very important part of the business, not just for staff moral, but also to know your product.

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what?
I go for the smooth cool tunes of Dolly Parton, Beatles, Bee Gees, Tom Jones, Billie Holiday, The Beach Boys, Blues, Jazz. Remember the good ol’ days?

Tell us something that you have to do every day that most people wouldn’t know about?
I [often] fire up the projector in our in-store cinema and set off a black and white silent movie.

It’s 3:30pm. How many cups of coffee have you had?
One, and only one.....before midday only! If I miss my window it’s 'all over red rover'. I’m super-hyper naturally, so I don't need any extra stimulants.

How much work do you get done after 5pm, or do you use that to allocate tasks for the next day?
5pm...the day is just getting started! I pretty much run through new stock in the evenings, as well as formulate ideas about marketing and events. Creative thinking rather than task orientated work, fun really. 

Does your work come home with you?
My work goes everywhere with me, It’s racing through my veins 24/7. I live and breath my business constantly exploring, educating, workshoping ideas on how to make it bigger and better than the week before. Nostalgia is my worst enemy.

Who’s cooking/buying dinner tonight?
I tried to tell the dog he needs to lift his game and have dinner ready for me for when I get home to no avail -  so it’s left to my talented partner to whip up something nutritious every night. If he’s out of town or is too tired...I buy.


Thanks to Jonathan Seidler for this great interview! You can find it and others in the same series at http://



October 13th 2011

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Sunday May 29th 2011

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60 Minutes on Sunday 14th June 2009

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Mini Style Magazine May 2009

Step Back in time - The Expanding Empire of Almost Famous. Click Here

Domestic goddesses flood kitchens and sewing rooms

Laura Stead

March 16, 2009 11:00pm

HOUSEWIVES are back and baking, reclaiming the kitchen and returning to the ways of their grandmothers before them.

In a post-feminist world where a woman can take her pick between career, family, or a juggling act of both, the latest social phenomenon involves women making a return to the traditional roles at home. The seductive appeal of cooking, housekeeping and family is increasingly favoured by women tired of pushing the boundaries of the ever-present glass ceiling.

"We grew up with a traditional home life; you'd come home from school and there'd be freshly baked cookies. It's comforting," says Megan Rizzo, co-owner of vintage store Almost Famous.

HOMELY ... sisters Sarah Jane Walsh and Megan Rizzo return to the 1950's style of domesticity. Picture: Kevin Bull

Rizzo sees young women coming into the shop she owns with sister Sarah Jane Walsh looking to buy coloured glass, 1950s-style aprons and rolling pins not only as trendy home accessories, but also to invoke the era when homemaking was at its professional best.

"We sell a lot of little aprons. They're very cute with little pink gingham," she says. "It's almost like they're providing an attachment to a less complicated past."

The likes of Nigella Lawson have done much to revive the domestic goddess glamour, updating the housewives of the 1950s, who stayed at home to care for their husbands back from war, raised the children and kept the home a haven. Having a husband, a home to keep and children to look after was, out of necessity, promoted as a fascinating way to live.

As things began to change in the '60s, however, American feminist Betty Friedan, in her book The Feminine Mystique(1963), wrote that no woman was fulfilled unless she was working and deemed the homemaker role stifling.

There was a common complaint termed "mad housewife syndrome". Women were heading to doctors with vague ailments, which Friedan blamed on their dissatisfaction with domestic drudgery.

By the time feminism was up and raging, women were encouraged to consider themselves. Careers became the priority and it's only within the past decade, and more recently as money becomes tighter, that women are embracing home life again.

However, Dr Ron Frey, a Queensland University of Technology lecturer on gender and psychology, says women should carefully assess what they wish for. He is already predicting another backlash against feminine domesticity in coming years due to the nature of human dissatisfaction.

"What seems to be the problem is we go too far one way and too far another way and we never look at what it is about the workforce that makes people want to stay at home," Dr Frey says. "It's something men never get credit for, too – they go out and do jobs they hate in order to support their families who they never get to spend time with anyway. It's something about men that's really unappreciated.

"Women may want to stay at home but I think a lot of men would say the same if they had the choice."


Lets Go...Retro!

Interview with Sarah Jane Walsh and Megan Rizzo (Almost Famous - Eclectic Homewares and Fashion)

Photography – Christine Butler
Hair & Makeup – Sarah Jane Walsh & Megan Rizzo

Happy to exist on a completely different plane of reality...

Sisters Sarah Jane Walsh and Megan Rizzo were never short of a Big Picture when opening their first Vintage Store in Paddington, Brisbane. Inspired by Art Deco Furniture, Retro clothing and an interesting range of Homewares that come with a story. A simple scratch, or a worn out name patch evoke a million tales.

Sarah and Megan from Almost Famous

How did it begin?
Sarah Jane and Megan’s passion for quirky recycling was sparked as children growing up in their country hometown, watching their mum sew together dance costumes from old bits of material and having a large extended family, which produced an abundance of ‘hand me downs’. The sisters recall many a game of ‘dress ups’, which led to a passion they just couldn’t shake.

Sarah Jane’s work as an Assistant Director in Film and TV gave her a great insight into what designers were looking for and what works in fashion. With Megan’s artistic flair as a Photographer/Artist with a background career in business, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine our skills and talents to create Almost Famous.

Sarah Jane has worked as art director on numerous Television Commercials, Photo shoots and Music Videos and now finds more often that not, designers are coming to Almost Famous for interesting and unique pieces to show in their own advertisements.

What does your shop stock?
Almost Famous stocks an amazing range of vintage clothing from the 50’s, 60’s, 70 & 80’s, shoes, costume jewellery and accessories, handbags, retro furniture, vintage telephones and sixties and seventies art and glassware.

Almost Famous is a place where the sisters like to hang out and with an ever-increasing popularity with Generation X and Y, they offer select quality reproductions of classic art deco furniture that is sourced from previously used film sets.

Almost a year to the day of opening their 1st store Megan and Sarah Jane are opening a second store in New Farm, Brisbane on 8th February 2009. Shop 23, 85 Commercial Road Newstead QLD 4006.

What's the story behind the name?
Megan had a bizarre reoccurrence which started happening from about 1994. Whenever Megan met new people they would say "haven't i met you before?" In the beginning she would try to figure it out, going through where she had worked and places she had lived and never found a connection with these strangers. It was happening so often that she started to make up a story and say..”Oh yeah, do you know that show 'Pop-Stars'?”...and that made them feel better that they had identified her! Even when she moved interstate it continued and still to this day if she goes to a function, someone will say those words...

So she figured that she must have been famous in a previous life! This tale combined with Sarah Jane's film connection, we decided 'Almost Famous' was a fitting name.

What makes your shop unique?
If you want to step back into a time when men sported safari suits with a comb in their top pocket and women wore Jackie Onassis sunglasses with a maxi skirt, come and explore Almost Famous... it may just unleash the Bridgitte Bardot inside of you… and as they say ‘Fashion is something you buy, Style is something you have.’